That being said, this line definitely fits into the SA lineup well and provides solid performance for less than half of the cost of Amplitude and Amplitude Smooth lines. The Hype: Perfect for dry flies and ideal for smaller nymphs and streamers, the Mastery Trout is one of our mainstays and has helped anglers catch trout from the mountains of Germany to the hills of Georgia. It really does tame down the ultra-fast action into something manageable. The Hype: SA says “built on a stiff core for tropical conditions, and featuring our AST Plus slickness additive, the Bonefish taper is designed with a long, compound head for casting accuracy and delicate deliveries”. But you probably shouldn’t take this out on a spring creek, because it’s got no presentation whatsoever anyway. Air Cel fly lines have performed well and provided a great value for decades. And at $25 why would you bother looking for anything else, Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2020, For the price and small stream fishing you can’t beat it on a cheap set up, Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2020, The dudes at Orvis wanted me to can it, but I'm a new fly guy and reviews were positive for this line - Im happy with it and will buy again - got it on an Orvis Hydro, Always good quality from Scientific Angler, Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2017. Bottom Line: If you prefer a smooth line and want a versatile line that’s oriented toward the Bonefish angler, this is a great choice. Bottom line: An amazing line for fishing everything but dries. Luckily they kept it around in their signature “Sharkwave” series. These lines are totally new to the market and feature really long front tapers. It’s a line that scored really well in the shootout because of its versatility. Textured line theoretically floats better and minimizes friction in the rod guides but it wasn’t hugely noticeable for us. Scientific Anglers. As you can see from the taper diagram above, the line’s taper is versatile and typical creating a line that’s average across the board. Scientific Anglers Air Cel 8-Floating Fly Line (Green): Sports, Fitness & Outdoors Permit. If you have that rod, you must try this line. I’d recommend this line for any faster rod. The Frequency Salt threw stable loops, got a solid presentation score especially at longer distances, and provided classic performance for a wide range of saltwater applications. Another curiosity is its Sharkskin tip – it seems that VPT is like Sharkwave at a slightly cheaper price. These three Bonefish lines from SA were our favorite long-taper, light presentation lines in the shootout. And we’ll tell you all about it in the SharkWave version, which is just a little bit better than the Mastery version, so scroll down to read about it. Air Cel fly lines have performed well and provided a great value for decades. While these diagrams are really great for most lines, they didn’t work as … We’ve long taken this line for granted and recommended it for most rods for virtually any angler. Scientific Anglers Scientific Anglers AirCel Floating Panfish Fly Line, 5/6, Orange. Very nice casting inexpensive fly line. Amplitude Infinity Amplitude, Fly Lines $ 129.95. The Hype: Built a half-size heavy, the GPX’s extra weight up front helps load fast-action rods and can greatly increase line speed when used with a double haul. I have a 8# NRX distance rod ,is there not much difference than the rod you tested NRX CD ? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Designed to deliver dries with a soft touch, no matter the distance, the Ultimate Trout can also handle nymphs and small streamers, depending on the occasion. 2020 marks the return of Greys to the United States. Fly Lines Showing 1–12 of 107 results. The Hype: The Infinity Salt is SA’s flagship saltwater fly line series featuring versatility, accuracy, and technical innovation like never before. The line was so lightweight that it would not even cast out more than 10 feet. I've never seen poor quality from Scientific Angler. Not really… or at least not as far as we could tell. Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2020. It EASILY adds 20’ to your casts. Scientific Anglers AirCel Floating Fly Line - AirCel general-purpose floating line is a simple, no-frills, weight-forward floating fly line perfect for throwing dry flies, nymphs, and streamers to trout, bass, or panfish in streams, rivers, or lakes. Otherwise I would say the best or one of the best lines you're going to find for the price. Amplitude Bonefish is a really nice all-around line, a decent line for beginners, and has a nice, easy, smooth performance. Our AirCel general-purpose floating line is a simple, no-frills, weight-forward floating fly line perfect for throwing dry flies, nymphs, and streamers to trout, bass, or panfish in streams, rivers, or lakes. If you’re a Redfish angler this would be a fine line for really windy days and big flies, but it’s really a line meant to be fished at longer distances. Now I know you also make a fast sinking line labelled sonar. Bottom Line: A great value line for anglers in the market for a versatile Bonefish line with quality performance across the board. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. So, on to the MPX. We are not a blog, or a review site. It’s arguably the best line at shooting big flies at long distances. Bottom line: We preferred Sharkwave GPX on every rod. I compared it to a 4WF line that I have and found the Scientific Angler line to be much smaller in diameter and lighter in weight. Send PM 05-22-2011, 11:19 AM #2. jpbfly. Scientific Anglers Air Cel 6-Floating Fly Line (Green): Sports, Fitness & Outdoors Probably as good and better than some of lines out there for two to three times the price. The line’s user-friendly performance also makes it a solid option for beginners looking for a do-it-all fly line that’ll perform in any situation. Customers Reviews; Related Offers; Product Description Air Cel Trout 5-6. Mastery Bonefish is a great value line for Bonefish anglers. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Where is the SA MPX vs GPX article that you speak of in your casting notes for the MPX? Casting Notes: We tested all three SA Bonefish lines: Mastery, Amplitude, and Amplitude Smooth in this shootout. I know I went on about how presentation doesn’t really matter, but this line is one of the few lines that really could use better presentation. This page works best with JavaScript. If you’re going to be trout fishing with it, you need to understand what it can and can’t do. Scientific Anglers AirCel General Purpose floating fly line. I'll use a DT (I prefer than WF) Floating 5 for a 9' 5 Wt Med-fast action, for medium to larges rivers (but I never fish more than 35 feets) thanx !! Its performance is pretty similar to its higher-priced counterparts and we didn’t see any marked benefit to the AST slickness tech or Amplitude tech. They all cast relatively similarly and feature the same taper. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Amplitude Bass Bug Amplitude, Fly Lines $ 129.95. While the company was started in 1945, Scientific Anglers has been a constant source of innovation in fly line technology, including the invention of the modern tapered fly line. The extended front taper means that it doesn’t load well in close, but the heavy belly section loads really fast. Can’t decide what to fish for? The Hype: An ideal trout dry-fly line, the VPT features an extended front taper that presents flies delicately and also serves to help perform roll casts and single-handed Spey maneuvers. There’s really nothing special about the taper. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The biggest downside to this line is its shooting capabilities. 99. What makes this line unique in this shootout is that it’s the only SA Wavelength line we tested. List Was $32.99 $ 32. Check out Scientific Anglers Air Cel 6-Floating Fly Line (Green) reviews, ratings, specifications and more at SA Mastery SBT (Short Belly Taper) is one of the 3 single-hand spey focused lines in the test. Finally, if you’ve got one of the new Trout Speys that have come out recently, this works really well on them. It’s got a slightly tapered belly and roughly average front and rear tapers. and it’s totally unlike any other line made before it. It’s also highly unlikely that that’s the case since MPX has MORE weight forward in the taper. It’s probably due to the fact that the line also got just a little too light in weight for faster rods (it’s true to line size). Species-Specific Fly Lines. See the Amplitude Bonefish for complete casting notes on these three lines. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Not a problem with drys. Review Subject Required. It’s got a long front taper, a short, thick belly, and a long handling section/rear taper. Shoots line better than the cheapos. Both of those things hold true for the Anadro line. When [regular] GPX was replaced by MPX in Scientific Angler’s lineup, we were first shocked, then depressed. Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2017, I think all of my fly reels are loaded with Scientific Anglers - smooth, casts well, durable and fairly resistant to reel set, Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2020. They’ve also pretty much done away with the belly completely. Sure it has a slightly longer front taper, but that’s not going to compensate for the difference. It casts further, easier, than any other line.

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